The Northern-Stars Astrology Conference will run 25-27 September 2020 at the Royal Artillery Park Officers’ Club in Halifax NS.

We are working with ISAR to get a two-day professional training seminar on Thursday the 25th and Friday the 27th dovetailing the conference. The ISAR exam will, gods willing, be held Monday 28 September. Registration opens 4 pm sharp on Friday 27 September with a lecture, then cocktails.

We are calling for speakers at present. Please send three topics you enjoy teaching a bio and a 300 dpi photo to speakers@northern-stars.ca

Our Conference gala dinner is at Rasa Indian Restaurant Saturday evening. PLEASE REGISTER for the dinner when you register for the conference.

Sunday runs 9 am to 1 pm with prize draws and 2022 deals at the end of the conference.

ISAR, IVC Kolkata, NCGR, CIA, CAAE, AFAN, OPA, Astrology Toronto, EAS, Astrologers of Calgary and FVAG members receive a 20% discount. Email for the correct discount link. If your astrology group is not represented please get in touch.

This Conference will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend in person, recordings will be available after the event on this website with proceeds to the speakers. 

Photography provided by Al Douglas